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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell and prp therapies have been used for 10-15 years to reduce symptoms in various muscle injuries. Stem cell therapy is an alternative to more risky and expensive surgeries. In some reports, the benefits of these treatments, shorter recovery time, lower risk facet, improvement of the body in a more natural way, maintenance of the body’s normal biomechanics and lack of days away from work were discussed.

Stem cells are found in the body from the stage where the body is formed. The earliest stem cells (embryonic stem cells) are undifferentiated before they mature and form specific tissues. For example; cells that meke up muscles or nerves.

Adult stem cells continue to exist in the body. The renewal of hair and skin is evidence for the presence of these cells. In this way, when there is injury to the body, the injured parts are repaired. Stem cells reach the wounded area with blood flow and initiate the healing process in the area. If there is less blood flow in this region, there is no improvement. Stem cells were developed and stem cell therapy was developed.

If the body does not have enough stem cells to heal the injured area, a new method has been developed to help the body do this. Prp (platelet-rich plasma) provides blood and stem cell support to the damaged area. PRP allows the stem cell to reach a sufficient amount by stimulating the stem cells. PRP does not contain stem cells or contains very few stem cells. It is used for the treatment of non-severe tendon, ligament and muscle damage.

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