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Skin Stain Treatment

Brown skin stains occur in many parts of our body, especially in the hand and in the face. Even if these stains do not cause health problems, many people are uncomfortable with them. Skin rashes, commonly called sun spot and liver stains, are caused by an increased accumulation of melanin in the skin. The skin, which tries to protect itself from the sun rays, gives such reactions.

Although skin staining is not seen as a disease, attention should be paid in some cases. If the person is not under 50 years of age and does not stay under too much sun, skin blemishes show the liver disease first. Apart from that, it can be an indicator of different diseases. In this case, you need to go to a doctor.

In order to avoid skin spots, it is necessary to avoid the sun. For this purpose, we should definitely use sunscreen in daily life. Besides, consuming antioxidant foods that are beneficial to the liver is also important for a healthy skin. However, as well as genetic factors, birth, aging and wound healing stains also play an important role in the formation of skin stains. In such cases, the person should have skin spot treatment.

Nowadays, there are many skin stain treatment methods. Chemical peeling, mesotherapy, clearlif and mesolift are the leading methods. Persons are asked to provide informative questions such as the status, size and location of the stain. Appropriate treatment method is applied considering this information.

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