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Pore Treatment

The skin, which is used to remove harmful substances from the body (sweating function), is the opening point of the hair follicle and the oil glands. Clogging of the pores causes acne and causes the skin to become wrinkled and appear older. The pores of healthy skin become clear. It helps to nourish the skin continuously.

The removal of sweat and fats in the body depends on the breathing of the skin and openness of the pores. The expansion of the pores in the skin is caused by the reduction of collagen material. The increase or decrease of this substance affects the pore size.

Pore ​​Tightening
Tightening for pore treatment is the restoration of pores opened in time. For a more aesthetic and firm skin, skin tightening is performed. The widening of the skin, the growth of pores, skin care also shows the inadequacy. It may be a good start to apply to doctors who are experts in this field and to enter a certain treatment process.

Pores can be clogged due to the use of makeup in women. Clogged pores become wrinkled and more tired. This discomfort, which causes the person to look old and tired, is treated with some clinical studies. With this treatment for aesthetic purposes, the blockage of the pores is prevented.

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