LPG Zayiflama

LPG Attenuation

This application is known as vacuum attenuation technique among the public. It is a non-surgical method of slimming for those who cannot lose weight with diet and sport. This method is done with the LPG vacuum device. This device massage connective tissue with a rotating vacuum cap on the tip. It is possible to attenuate wit this device, which helps increase the activity of elastin and collagen substances. The latest advanced model is Cellu M6.

With LPG Attenuation;

  • Local fats in undesirable and unpopular areas are destroyed.
  • Relaxed tissue of the body is tightened.
  • The appearance of unwanted cellulite is avoided.
  • As the body lines become more proportional, the body is reshaped.
  • A tighter and healthier image is obtained on the skin.
  • The production of elastin and collagen in the body increases.
  • Especially the lymph and blood circulation is accelerated.
  • The edema in the body is reduced.
  • The desired thinning is achieved by applying to the desired area. The body contour grows.
  • The skin becomes smoother.
  • To be free of toxins in the body.
  • The elasticity of the skin is increased.

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