Lazer Epilasyon

Laser Hair Removal / Laser Epilation

Different solutions have been tried for hair and hair conditions that have emerged in unwanted areas of women and men for centuries. Waxing, shaving, depilatory creams give the desired image for a while, however, it creates some damage in the area applied in continuous use. Unfortunately, these methods do not constitute a long-term solution.

For this reason, laser hair removal in recent years, safe, non-painful, without side effects and is a long-term solution is often preferred.

The simplest,the most permanent and painless process to get rid of unwanted or discomforting hair anywhere on your body is laser epilation.Wax,shaving gillettes and other non-medical methods are going to disappoint you with the result after having all that pain.

Laser hair removal is one of the most widely used methods in our country. A successful, effective treatment. In fact, the method of working the laser hair removal device, the hair of unwanted and bad looking hair is burned by the laser light is destroyed.

The laser hair removal method, which was started to be applied 20 years ago, has become cheaper both in terms of price thanks to the developing technology especially in recent years. It is also a painless and satisfying treatment.

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