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Fue Hair Transplantation

The problems in the hair region are common problems of many women or men. However, the problem of hair loss is more common, especially in men. Hair loss problem since the existence of hair is a common problem tried to be solved with many solutions. The treatment of hair transplantation is the best example of these solutions. Before the year 2000, hair transplantation methods had been performed for various reasons of hair loss.

Many patients had their hair transplanted with the method called FUE. But after the year of 2000, the treatment of FUE hair transplantation has managed to eliminate all these other techniques by proving itself with satisfying results. The difference in the treatment of Fue hair transplantation is that the operation is absolutely non-surgical.

There will be no incision in the head area and therefore no sewing will be performed. This method will ensure that there are no stitch marks in the head, so that the person will look like never had any operation. Thanks to this technique, which allows the hair to reach a great extent, the baldness resulting from the spillage will be removed and all gaps will be filled after the hair starts to rise.

How does Fue hair transplantation work?

Fue hair transplantation operation is a bit simpler and more practical than other hair transplantation operations. The first work for fue hair transplantation that can be done in a day and completed in a short time depending on the condition of the patient should be to see a hair doctor who is an expert in the field. In this way, the condition of the hair will be examined and the ideal treatment will be decided. To be able to apply Fue hair transplantation treatment the person needs to have a permanent baldness. Since there are different treatment modalities for temporary hair loss, it is recommended that they go first. This kind of hair transplantation treatment is mostly applied to people whose hair will not be affected by other treatments.

When it is decided to treat fue hair transplantation as a result of the necessary investigations, the region to be transplanted will be prepared and it will be determined how the grafts will be planted. In this method, grafts, ie multiple hair follicles, are usually taken from the back of the head. The roots removed from the back with the special treatment engine will be carefully transferred to the new location. Contrary to what many people know, the hair follicles are not individually removed, ie in a collective form, ie, 2 or 3 roots together. In this way, the hair will be provided to adapt to the new region and the person will have achieved the hair dream.

What are the advantages of Fue hair transplantation?

Fue hair transplantation is much more advantageous than other hair transplantation methods.The biggest adavantage of this line of action is the fact that there is no need for any incision,therefore,no stitches. Consequently,there is not going to be a single mark of hair transplantation which will be the main reason of people not realising if you had anything done on your hair.In addition to that,all of this finishes in one session which takes 8 hours maximum usually without a need of a second one.Many individuals prefer this method called ‘FUE’ over any other ones because of these mentioned undeniable facts.

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