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Eyebrow Treatment

Eyebrows are one of the most important aesthetic structures found in our face. The content and form of this structure, which gives expression to the face and emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and face, can be changed. We are able to apply our experience and knowledge gained through hair transplantation practices to eyebrows and make permanent changes. Reconstructing the eyebrows, or thickening the existing eyebrow structure, giving the form we want, thanks to our achievements in the technique of eyebrow cultivation is now possible.

The operation of the eyebrow transplantation is performed by a painless local anesthesia method and in a short time such as 1 or 2 hours. The results are highly satisfactory. There is no pain or discomfort after the procedure. It takes a period of 4 to 6 months for the eyebrows to gather and take their true form. After 2 months, patients may shape and clean their eyebrows.

Brow transplantation can be performed easily under local anesthesia.With the help of FUE technique and micromotor,grafts are taken and seperated to be planted individually on the hair losing spots.The donor place can be anywhere on the body.But the most common place to take grafts from is the patient’s neck.If the hair loss is happening localy,the whole procces wil be done succesfully in 30 minutes.Finally the result is as usual,satisfying and answering the expectations of almost every person.

In some cases, the patient may want to thicken the eyebrows. In these cases, shape is determined according to the angle of each hair root. Due to the nature of the hair follicles taken after the cultivation of the eyebrows, the eyebrows are stretched in certain periods. Therefore, our patients may need to shorten their eyebrows at regular intervals. According to the need to be 15 days or once a month, with a few-minute operation,eyebrows can be corrected. This will not disturb the patient.

In general, the eyebrow shape determines the patients’ active views. In most cases, a shape is determined according to patient demand with temporary dyes for ideal eyebrow shape and thickness. Sowing is carried out according to this figure.

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