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Beard Treatment

Hair follicle plantation does not apply only to the hair region. Hair transplantation is the first thing that comes to mind when saying transplant. Unfotunately,hair loss does not happen only on the top of the head but beard and mustache areas as well.Therefore,other transplantation procedures are done and preffered especially by young males.

The beard is one of the most important elements called the man’s makeup. Any problem that can change this person completely and make it look more mature will have a direct impact on the person’s appearance.

empty space and hair loss in the beards will require the operation of the beard planting. Beard and mustache transpanting style operations are very similar to hair transplantation. The practice of beard suture, which works with the same logic and ensures that the person has permanent beards, will make the person’s beard dreams real.

When it comes to beard transplantation, the fue technique comes to mind. This technique is the most popular and advantageous hair transplantation technique used in hair transplantation. Therefore, this technique, which is also used in the area of ​​beard and mustache, will help to obtain permanent beards.

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