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Hair loss style problems are the problems that directly affect the external appearance of people. It is known that these problems do not create a problem in terms of health. But the problem is about the person’s aesthetic concerns. Many people dream of having healthy, bushy and fuller hair. Hair loss is the biggest enemy of this dream. This problem is widely seen across Turkey with most men.

Genetic factors are the most important cause of the problem of hair loss in men. Hair loss problem in a person’s father or other close relatives is the clearest evidence that he will be having this nightmare in the future. In addition, there are also hair loss problems due to different reasons. For example; hair loss in women is mostly caused by unhealthy nutrition.

When the problem of hair loss caused by this and so many other reasons leads to baldness, the only remaining treatment will be hair transplantation. Hair transplantation will allow the skin to be covered with its own hair. Thanks to this completely permanent treatment, the hair can be used for a long time as if it were her/his own scalp.

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