Burun Revizyonu

Nose Revision

The nose is at the forefront of the organs that are located at the very center of the human face and directly affects the appearance. Anything that can be experienced in the nasal organ, which is so important and which assumes one’s breathing role, may require a nasal aesthetic surgery. Nose aesthetic is to be operated for aesthetic purposes. But every nose surgery is not done due to aesthetic concerns. In some cases the goal is just to solve breathing problems.

In either case, the shape of the nose will change and a more uniform appearance will be achieved. Nasal aesthetic operations for this purpose have not always been successful. In aesthetic-based nose surgery performed by the wrong doctors, the outlook may not be what the patient wants.

In addition, new problems such as skewness, curvature or flattened appearance may occur. At this point, the nose revision enters the circuit. Nose revision is ideal for those who have had previous nasal surgery but are not satisfied with the result.

This important operation, based on the aim of re-revision of the nose, will ensure that all problems are resolved. Nose revision can be done not only for the problems that are experienced in aesthetic appearance but also in the problems that are experienced at the point of breathing. If the patient has various breathing problems after nose surgery, it is possible to resort to revision surgery again.

Revision surgery will fix many flaws that are left from the first surgery,despite it is being harder to execute than the frst one.

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