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Nasal Growth (Concha Bullosa)

The nose is an important organ in the center of the face. This organ, both providing breathing and helping to distinguish the smells, is of great importance in every sense. Any problem that may arise here can lead to numerous problems.

One of these problems is the problem of growing nose. The problem of growing nose is an intranasal problem that brings many problems with it. There are exactly 6 nose flesh in the nose organ.

These flesh are called concha. These meat, which serves as the air conditioning of the body, will be used with the purpose of air filter. When you breathe in without these organs, microbes and bacteria will enter along with the air.

In this sense, the concha that grows in the nose organ, which is of great importance, will prevent the person from breathing and lead to many more problems. Therefore, if a person can not breathe and is constantly forced to breathe through the mouth while sleeping, an otolaryngologist should be consulted and you should get yourself examined for treatment.

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