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Nasal meats are the tissues responsible for the humidification, heating and purification of air on both sides of the nasal cavity. It functions continuously from front to back on both sides.These organs tend to grow bigger over time by drug use, environmental conditions, and infection..

As a result of nasal hypertrophy with nasal enlargement, the resistance of the air inhaled from the nose may gradually increase.In addition to that, many symptoms can occur such as sleeping in the mouth, nasal congestion, bad breath, drying of the mouth at night, sweating. The severity of these symptoms depends on the size of the nose. According to the complaints that arise due to the growth of the nose, nose surgery is being performed.

If there is nose growth in patients, it can disrupt your daily life. For example, nose reduction purpose and nose reduction operation can be performed depending on the fact that the complaints such as fatigue in walking, difficulty in using the stairs, drying of the throat, wearing in a tired state and pharyngitis infection are permanent.

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