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Genital Aesthetics

In recent years, genital plastic surgeries have taken an important place among other plastic surgeries. The reason for this is the aesthetic aspects that women want to change in their genital areas as well as their external appearance. Thanks to genital aesthetics, it is possible to get rid of deformations in vaginal area. However, one of the main physical reasons underlying this is the problems that couples experience in sexual intercourse.

Men may also need some genital surgery. The importance of female aesthetics in sexual relations, as well as the size of the penis is of great importance. Nowadays it is very normal for men to undertake such operations.

Both sides of the vagina and the part of the vagina that is defined as lip loosening can start to experience a sexual dissatisfaction. On the other hand, this situation, on the other hand, affects both sides in a negative way and creates a sexual reluctance.

It was thought that this problem of vaginal loosening or sagging had only a psychological effect. Over time, however, it has also been revealed to be a physical impact as wel. This has revealed a major problem among the couples, not to enjoy by both sides as a result of sexual intercourse.

Genital Aesthetic Advantages
Genital aesthetics, which has been started to be done frequently recently, provide a more aesthetic appearance to the vagina region, especially with women. Genital aesthetic operations support the end of the problems between her and her partner, because the women become more self-confident and more willing. These operations are mostly referred to as reduction of the internal lip in the vagina and narrowing of the vaginal width.

After both operations, the vagina is recovered according to its former condition. Both the visually re-recovered and the point of being the woman’s orgasm is known as the point of clitoris during sexual intercourse in the penis to be touched more by increasing the point of pleasure from each side is increased. This operation is generally suitable for every woman after 18 years of age. However, since the hymen is 3 or 4 cm inward from the lip structure, there is no contact with the hymen. Visually, any girl not satisfied with her vagina can have genital plastic surgery.

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