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Prominent Ear Aesthetic

The ear is an important organ on two sides of the head for people to hear. The ear, which is known as the hearing organ and has its own characteristics, is of great importance in aesthetic sense. Some aesthetic-based problems can occur at the sides of the facial region and directly visible in the ears. Bucket ear problem, ear deficiency and congenital deformations are just a few of these aesthetic problems.

The most common of these is the scoop ear discomfort. The bucket ear is the case where the ear is more than normal and curved inwards. This condition is usually congenital. It cannot be formed later. The auricle will continue rapidly in the growth stages of children and will end at the age of 6 years.

This stage is the stage where it is understood whether there is bucket ear problem in the person or not. It will be clearly understood if the child has ear problems after ear development is completed. Bucket ear does not cause any problems in terms of health. The ears of such people will continue to function normally. The problem is all about aesthetics.

Especially in children and young people in the case of prominent ear, social life will be restricted. Children will not want to go to school just for this reason. At this point, ear aesthetics enters the circuit. The ear-ear aesthetics will eliminate the look of the ear and the person will be able to return to social life. The solution to this ear problem, which is one of the big problems for many people, is extremely simple. After treatment, the ears will have a new appearance and the ear shape will turn to an aesthetic form.

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