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Today, plump and alive lips are regarded as the symbol of beauty. Besides, it is defined as one of the musts of youth, attractiveness, fertility, sexiness, femininity and most importantly beauty.

One of the most important complementary elements of the face beauty is that the lips are beautiful, and it is very important to complete the integrity of the face. The size, fullness, thin or thick of the lips should be compatible and proportionate to the nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, jaws and teeth.

Thick and plump lips are the expression of youth as well as the thin and thin lips are the expression of old age. Lips are very important in the aesthetic appearance of the face. For this reason, lips appear alive and full, strengthens the expression of youth and health in our face.

Lips,they are genetically thin and almost invisible with some people.With some people,this problem follows the natural procces by making the lip tissue thinner by literaly melting it.Therfore,the look of a youth and freshness vanishes ,then leaving nothing but wrinkles.The biggest reason of these nightmares are the inevitable aging and reduction of facial muscle,skin and fat.

Face skin, cheeks, neck skin, eyelids, eyebrows and of course lips sag by gravity. As a result of the sagging of the lips, when the patients laugh and talk, the lower teeth become visible, which is the expression of old people. In the case of young people, on the contrary, when they laugh and talk, the upper teeth are more visible and the lower teeth are invisible. This is the expression of the young face.

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