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Eyelid Aesthetic

The eyelid aesthetics are a way out of the excess skin and oil around the eyelid. It prevents looking old and tired and also eliminates the appearance of low eyelid. With the advances in technology, eyelid aesthetics have a shorter recovery time. It also treats double eyelids in Asian type eyes. Eyelid deficiency, which is one of the signs of aging, can be corrected by aesthetic operation as well.

After a certain age, the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. The skin around the eye is more sensitive and quickly shows the effects of aging. The eyelid aesthetics reduce the sagging of the eyes and forehead and provide a younger appearance. The most common eyelid aesthetic operations;
Small slit eyelid operations.
Rejuvenation operations around the forehead and eye cavity.

With aging, sagging of the upper and lower eyelids or pouches occurs. The weakening facial muscles result in a low eyelid. Creates oil bags around the eye. It also causes the eyebrow area to sag due to age and gravity. In addition to the low eyelid effect that affects appearance, these sags also cause impaired vision and eye fatigue.

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