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Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow weakness, forehead wrinkles and scowling eyebrows are signs of old age, fatigue, anger. High eyebrow, non-frowning eyebrow and a stretched forehead is the expression of youth and beauty. Vertical and horizontal mimic lines formed on the forehead, deepen the face and look older. In addition to giving a tired expression, it also adds melancholy to your gaze.

The lines formed on the forehead are the aesthetic defects that time has placed on our face. Forehead lines not only show your age, but also give your face a tired expression.

Eyebrow lifting aesthetics is an aesthetic operation that is as popular as other aesthetic operations. This aesthetic operation usually manifests itself as eyebrow lifting aesthetics. Eyebrow lifting aesthetics is an operation that is mostly caused by age progression due to aging.

Small muscle groups at the forehead that are undergone by time, relax with time and cause sagging. Depending on this, eyebrow lifting aesthetics are performed.

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