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Breast Reduction

If you are unhappy with your breasts disproportionate to your other body lines, with their tips hanging downwards or your breasts large, meet the changes that will make you happy.

Large breasts cause very important health problems in women. The most important ones are;

Back, neck and shoulder pains,
Consistendly occuring rashes because of contact of the large breasts with the abdomen continuously,
Failure to wear the desired clothes and the desired physical activities,
the breast bra straps digging into the shoulders and carving pits on them due to the excessive pressure,

Breast tissues can also grow due to familial factors. Weight gain, births performed and associated breastfeeding during the years lead to increased sagging.

Mainly, the purpose of breast reduction operations is to relieve the patient’s discomfort and complaints. These operations are preferred for a symmetrical chest of equal size and form.

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