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Leg Aesthetics

It is possible for those who have lost an immense amount of weight in a short period of time to encounter various sagging issues.Hanging down skin on the belly,inner side of arms and even legs cause tremendous problems for these people.Those who have not over the top weight are able to stretch the loose skin tissue by doing sports.But unfortunately this doesn’t include sudden weight losing cases.Espacially on the inner legs.

The inner legs are the most dangling and the most difficult to recover. When the person is gaining weight, especially if he is gaining weight from his legs, the most leg area will hang when weight is lost. In addition, it is also possible to encounter cracking problems in the region. This is where the leg stretching surgery enters the circuit. The aim of this surgery is to remove the sagging of the inner limbs and to obtain more thin-looking legs.

Such surgeries are performed in sagging cases which cannot be eliminated by sports. For this reason, it is generally preferred by patients with excessive sagging problems. Intra-leg stretching surgery performed after weight loss, operation is not disturbed and weight should not be taken to prevent the legs from sagging again. When the excess weight is gained and given, it is possible for the legs to sag.

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