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Buttock Aesthetics

Hip and butt are one of the most important elements of female figure. Today’s women want to have the hip part of the body; it must be round, full, and perpendicular to the worn clothing. Nowadays, these operations are applied not only for women but also for men who are not satisfied with their appearance. There is no gender discrimination for more shaped hips.

As in all aesthetic operations, the application will vary depending on the patient. The other name of hip esthetics, gluteoplasty, is an aesthetic method applied to the fuller and more active hips.

In general, hip esthetics is divided into 3 main groups.
Formatting and plump
Butt lift
Butt reduction

Which techniques are preferred in hip esthetics and who wants to do it?

Liposuction may not produce sufficient amounts of fat from people who are skinny. In such cases the butt is formed with silicone prostheses. In this way, people who have a flat and straight butt, they will have a more obvious and upright butt when they wear.

An overwhelming flattening occurs in the hip area of ​​people who are given away an excess weight. As a result of this bad image; The hip, abdomen, butt and the inner region of the legs are stretched by a combination of procedures. The traces that may occur will be hidden in the bikini line of ​​the waist.

For genetic reasons, the angle of the man’s butt and waist can be wide. The butt looks straight from the back and from the side. However, the person has enough fat in his hips. In such cases, a person’s fat in the hips can be taken with liposuction method and used for shaping the butt.

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