Estetik Yag Enjeksiyonu

Aesthetic Fat Injection

It is possible that problems that do not appear aesthetically can occur in certain regions of the body. The area where everyone complains is different in the body. Some have complained of their breasts and some of them have complained of the slenderness of their lips.

This situation varies from person to person. Generally, every aesthetic-based operation is separated according to the area to be constructed. But there are also aesthetic applications that are the cure for almost all of your aesthetic complains. The best example is fat injection.

Fat injection is one of the aesthetic-based applications that have become common in recent years. This application, which is usually mixed with the filler, is actually applied in a slightly different form although it is similar. As can be understood from its name, this injection made with body tissue, i.e. fat, is made with the fat cells taken from the person’s own body. Fat cells are usually taken by liposuction. The abdominal and waist regions are the most faty parts of the human body.

Often the fat taken in those areas are used in the fat injection operation and the cells are injected into the required areas. The body areas where such oil injection applications are preferred are the main ones. Fat injection, which is mostly done with the help of local anesthesia but can be applied in addition to other operations in some cases, is an advantageous application in many ways.

It is easy to apply and one of the advantages is seeing the difference immediately. For this reason, many people prefer to have a fat injection instead of fillers, and this type of application is oriented.

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